If your present IP address is 192.1680.1.1, then be alert it is totally wrong. is the accurate IP address. A router is normally using while some other devices and different hosts will have high digits.

Entering the IP Address of

For accessing your wireless router’s control panel, you first open your browser. After that, you have to write on the address bar of your browser instead of After that, it requires your username and password.


An IP address, which is not correct, many of the devices admit IP address as an entirely accurate and approved. After accessing your router with the help of the above procedure you can easily get access to your admin panel. Here you can see different options for both fresher and professionals. Settings like MAC, WPS, WAN, LAN, WLAN, MAC, proxy and many others. While the maximum of the users according to their daily requirements just look the default or simple and suitable options for the modifications.

If You Not Remember Your Username or Password

If you do not remember your router logins credentials because you were totally untouched to your router for some intervals. Yes, it is easy you can forget the credentials. In this case, no need to worry. You can take help from our article “Recover your router password” or check this one also “default list of router username and passwords”. By pressing the router reset button for a minimum of ten seconds, you can reset your router back to its factory setting.

Router Username and Password List