What is IP Address

Typically, is the IP address of a home’s router. Many manufacturers set as the default address for their routers and related devices. Otherwise, users can set their router to this IP address, if so desired. Entering this IP address on the local network will bring up the login page for a router. If no router is set to this address, then users will receive an error message.

When a router is set to, then users on the local network will see a login page. They’ll need to know their router’s credentials in order to proceed. After entering the right credentials, users are presented with their router’s settings. A user can modify these settings to customize their router or perform maintenance. Firmware for each router can be updated, too.

Users not logged into the local network won’t be able to access the router at, though. If they’re on a different network, they could see a different device at that address. only works for the current local network after all. Either way, this IP address is useful for changing a router’s settings and performing a factory reset of the router remotely. A number of functions can be performed through this IP address and with the right credentials.