How To Prevent Wireless Router Attacks

Methods For Securing Your Router (

It’s recommended that you seek advice from a professional computer technician before applying these methods to your router. In addition, applying only one of these methods will not provide full security for your router.

This is an example of your router’s address ( ), type the number into your browser to connect with the internet to change settings or restart it.

Disable the SSID, abbreviated for Service Set Identifier to your router ( ).

Change your router’s administrator password and secure access to the router ( by creating a unique and fairly long high-quality password. Something that even a machine would have a hard time guessing, but, is easy for you to remember. Use a combination of upper, lower case letters, numbers and special symbols.

Change the security key, a default key might have already come with your router, (, however it’s still a good idea to change it immediately.

Modify the encryption strength to WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access, version 2) Avoid WEP (Wired Equivalency Privacy) and WPA, they are no longer safe against hackers.

Disable WPS (Wireless Protected Setup), it is an automated system included with many routers which hackers can use as a back door into your setup.

Use MAC filtering (Media Access Control), every wireless NIC (network interface card) has one these addresses by its manufacturer. You can think of a MAC as the social security number of the very NIC in your machine.