How To

Recover Router User and Password

Usually, many people do not remember their router’s credentials. While most of the people don’t know about their default login of router's. If you are one of them, then not to worry about it. Here are some different choices you can try.

Use the Router's Default Username and Password

It is the most likely, the reliable and simplest solution. All router have a label on itself with default username and password or mostly have documentation. Label with credentials is commonly on the back or inner side of the router.

Find the Default Username and Password

If you are unable to find your router’s default credentials on the label or in documentation then find your router in the given list. With the help of your router’s model number or serial number, you can easily find the default logins through the company’s website or our database.

Choose your router from the list below:

Factory Reset

If you have already change your credentials of the router and do not remember them, then, in this case, you can simply reset your router. The default login information is recovered by resetting the router to its factory setting. The router button is difficult to find on most routers due to its tiny size. With the help of pencil nib, match stick or any other thin thing you can find it and press it down at least 15 seconds.

Forward Ports without a Password

Without knowing about the password you can easily forward ports, with the help of Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). Mostly router permits the applications to open ports through the router. Required ports automatically open if you have an UPnP enabled router. For the choice of forwarding port, you can use UPnP Port Mapper. But it is hard to implement for fresher and it is more complex solutions than rest.